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10th eeecon workshop & Inaugural Lecture with Loukas Balafoutas

Our next eeecon workshop will take place on March 11 followed by the inaugural lecture with Loukas Balafoutas who will talk about "Verhalten im ökonomischen Labor und im Feld: Kooperation, Betrug, und andere Geschichte". Please find more detailed information here


9th eeecon workshop & 2nd eeecon lecture

Our 9th eeecon workshop and the 2nd eeecon lecture took place on October 1st. Josef Zweim√ľller from the University of Zurich talked about "Arbeitslosigkeit und Arbeitslosenversicherung in Zeiten der Rezession". The slides of his presentation can be found here

2_eeecon_lecture-9173 2_eeecon_lecture-9167

New Laboratory

We are happy to announce the opening of our new experimental laboratory in the former AR1 in the SOWI-ZID. We would like to thank our sponsors for their support. The official opening of the lab took place on October 9, 2013. 



Recent Publications

  • J. Huber, M. Kirchler, D. Kleinlercher, M. Sutter. "Market vs. Residence Principle: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of a Financial Transaction Tax", Economic Journal (forthcoming).
  • K. Volz, K. Vogeley, M. Tittgemeyer, Y. von Cramon, M. Sutter. "The neutral basis of deception in strategic interactions", Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience (forthcoming).
  • L. Balafoutas, R. Kerschbamer, M. Sutter. "Second degree moral hazard in a credence goods market", Economic Journal (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • J. Kopf, A. Zeileis, C. Strobl. "Anchor Selection Strategies for DIF Analysis: Review, Assessment, and New Approaches", Educational and Psychological Measurement, 75(1), 22-26. 

Recent Working Papers

  • H. Roth, S. Lang and H. Wagner. "Random intercept selection in structured additive regression models", 2015-02. [Online version]
  • A. Sanwald and E. Theurl. "Out-of-pocket expenditures for pharmaceuticals: Lessons from the Austrian household budget survey", 2015-01. [Online version]
  • E. Blanco, T. Haller and J. M. Walker. "Externalities in appropriation: Responses to probabilistic losses", 2014-32. [Online version]
  • M. Kirchler and S. Palan. "Friendliness pays off! Monetary and immaterial gifts in consumer-salesperson interactions", 2014-31. [Online version]

Upcoming Research Seminars

Thu Jan 29 @12:30 - 14:00
BBL-Seminar with Alejandro Caparros

Upcoming Workshops

No events