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New Facebook page for the Innsbruck-EconLab

Our Innsbruck EconLab is now on Facebook @! Click on the picture below to find out about the latest news regarding economic experiments in Innsbruck. If you would like to take part in our experiments you can register here.



12th eeecon workshop & Inaugural Lecture with Martin Halla

Our 12th eeecon workshop and the inaugural lecture with Martin Halla took place on January 27. The lecture dealed with the topic "Was kann die österreichische Wirtschaftspolitik von der Nuklearkatastrophe von Tschernobyl lernen?" 


3rd eeecon lecture & 11th eeecon workshop

Our 3rd eeecon lecture and the 11th edition of the eeecon workshop took place on September, 30. Our guest in the lecture was Lars P. Feld (University of Freiburg / Walter Eucken Institute) who talked about "Fiskalpolitik und Fiskalregeln in schwierigen Zeiten". You can find a short report here



Recent Publications

  • T.K. Ahn, L. Balafoutas, M. Batsaikhan, F. Campos-Ortiz, L. Putterman and M. Sutter. "Securing Property Rights: A Dilemma Experiment in Austria, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea and the United States”, Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming).
  • B. Esther, X. Basurto, M. Nenadovic, B. Vollan. "Integrating Simultaneous Pro-social and Anti-social Behavior into Theories of Collective Action", Science Advances (forthcoming).
  • P. Mair, E. Hofmann, K. Gruber, R. Hatzinger, A. Zeileis, K. Hornik. "Motivation, Values, and Work Design as Drivers of Participation in the R Open Source Project for Statistical Computing", PNAS, 112(48). Link
  • T. Stoeckl. "Dishonest or professional behavior? Can we tell? A comment on: Cohn et al. 2014, Nature 516, 86-89, ''Business culture and dishonesty in the banking industry", Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (forthcoming). Working Paper Version

Recent Working Papers

  • M. Kirchler, F. Lindner and U. Weitzel. "Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry", 2016-02. [Online version]
  • S. Puntscher, J. Walde and G. Tappeiner. "Do methodical traps lead to wrong development strategies for welfare? A multilevel approach considering heterogeneity across industrialized and developing countries", 2016-01. [Online version]
  • N. Flynn, C. Kah and R. Kerschbamer. "Vickrey Auction vs BDM: Difference in bidding behaviour and the impact of other-regarding motives", 2015-16. [Online version]
  • C. Kah and M. Walzl. "Stochastic Stability in a Learning Dynamic with Best Response to Noisy Play", 2015-15. [Online version]

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