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Spring Course on Epistemic Game Theory with Andrés Perea

On April 28/29 a short course on epistemic game theory was held by one of the leading experts in the field, Andrès Perea from Maastricht University. Please find a short summary of the event here.



10th eeecon workshop & Inaugural Lecture with Loukas Balafoutas

Our 10th eeecon workshop took place on March 11 (detailed program) and was followed by the inaugural lecture with Loukas Balafoutas who talked about "Verhalten im ökonomischen Labor und im Feld: Kooperation, Betrug, und andere Geschichten". Please find more detailed information here


9th eeecon workshop & 2nd eeecon lecture

Our 9th eeecon workshop and the 2nd eeecon lecture took place on October 1st. Josef Zweimüller from the University of Zurich talked about "Arbeitslosigkeit und Arbeitslosenversicherung in Zeiten der Rezession". The slides of his presentation can be found here

2_eeecon_lecture-9173 2_eeecon_lecture-9167

Recent Publications

  • T. Stöckl, J. Huber, M. Kirchler and F. Lindner. "Hot Hand and Gambler's Fallacy in Teams: Evidence from Investment Experiments", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • S. Gobien and B. Vollan. "Playing with the social network: Social cohesion in resettled and non-resettled communities in Cambodia", American Journal of Agricultural Economics (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • L. Balafoutas, S. Czermak, M. Sutter, Glätzle-Rützler D. "Canceling out early age gender differences in competition - an analysis of policy interventions", Experimental Economics (forthcoming).
  • L. Balafoutas, A. Beck, R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter. "The Hidden Costs of Tax Evasion - Collaborative Tax Evasion in Markets for Expert Services", Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming). Working Paper Version

Recent Working Papers

  • L. B. Fischer and M. Pfaffermayr. "The more the merrier? Migration and Convergence among European Regions", 2015-08. [Online version]
  • S. Angerer, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer and M. Sutter. "Donations, risk attitudes and time preferences: A study on altruism in primary school children", 2015-07. [Online version]
  • M. Geiger, W. Luhan and J. Scharler. "When do Fiscal Consolidations Lead to Consumption Booms? Lessons from a Laboratory Experiment", 2015-06. [Online version]
  • A. Sanwald and E. Theurl. "Out-of-pocket payments in the Austrian healthcare system - a distributional analysis", 2015-05. [Online version]

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