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3rd eeecon lecture & 11th eeecon workshop

Our 3rd eeecon lecture and the 11th edition of the eeecon workshop took place on September, 30. Our guest in the lecture was Lars P. Feld (University of Freiburg / Walter Eucken Institute) who talked about "Fiskalpolitik und Fiskalregeln in schwierigen Zeiten". You can find a short report here



Achim Zeileis rated as Highly Cited Researcher 2015

Thomson Reuters listed Achim Zeileis as one of the most influential scientists in 2015. The current rating consists of about three thousand researchers around the world from various disciplines. 



2015 Exeter Prize for Matthias Sutter

We are happy to announce that Matthias Sutter is among the winners of the 2015 Exeter Prize for the best paper published in the previous calendar year in a peer-reviewed journal in the fields of Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics and Decision Theory.

The prize jury voted unanimously for the paper titled “Experimental Games on Networks: Underpinnings of Behavior and Equilibrium Selection” (joint with Gary Charness, Francesco Feri, and Miguel Melendez-Jimenez), which was published in Econometrica.


Spring Course on Epistemic Game Theory with Andrés Perea

On April 28/29 a short course on epistemic game theory was held by one of the leading experts in the field, Andrès Perea from Maastricht University. Please find a short summary of the event here.



Recent Publications

  • T. Stoeckl. "Dishonest or professional behavior? Can we tell? A comment on: Cohn et al. 2014, Nature 516, 86-89, ''Business culture and dishonesty in the banking industry", Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • M. Breitenlechner, J. Scharler, F. Sindermann. "Bank's External Financing Costs and the Bank Lending Channel: Results from a SVAR Analysis", Journal of Financial Stability (forthcoming).
  • A. Sanwald, E. Theurl. "Out-of-pocket payments in the Austrian health care system - a distributional analysis", International Journal for Equity in Health (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • E. Blanco, M. C. Lopez, S. Villamayor-Tomas. "Exogenous Degradation in the Commons: Field Experimental Evidence", Ecological Economics (forthcoming). Link

Recent Working Papers

  • T. Stoeckl. "Dishonest or professional behavior? Can we tell? A comment on: Cohn et al. 2014, Nature 516, 86-89, ''Business culture and dishonesty in the banking industry", 2015-11. [Online version]
  • M. Fokkema, N. Smits, A. Zeileis, T. Hothorn and H. Kelderman. "Detecting Treatment-Subgroup Interactions in Clustered Data with Generalized Linear Mixed-Effects Model Trees", 2015-10. [Online version]
  • M. Halla, G. Pruckner and T. Schober. "The cost-effectiveness of developmental screenings: Evidence from a nationwide programme", 2015-09. [Online version]
  • L. B. Fischer and M. Pfaffermayr. "The more the merrier? Migration and Convergence among European Regions", 2015-08. [Online version]

Upcoming Research Seminars

Wed Dec 02 @17:30 - 19:00
EmpEc-Seminar with Peter Huber

Thu Dec 03 @12:00 - 13:30
BBL-Seminar with Krista J. Saral

Wed Dec 09 @17:30 - 19:00
EmpEc-Seminar with Martin Huber

Other Events

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