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4th eeecon lecture with Hans-Werner Sinn

The 4th eeecon lecture with our guest Hans-Werner Sinn (LMU Munich / ifo institute) will take place on May 24th 2016. The talk will be about "Der Euro. Von der Friedensidee zum Zankapfel". You can find more detailed information on the invitation.



35th Böhm-Bawerk-Lecture with Ariel Rubinstein

This year's Böhm-Bawerk-Lecture will take place on Friday, June 10, 2016 starting at 5pm in the Kaiser-Leopold-Saal. Our guest will be Prof. Dr. Ariel Rubinstein who will talk about "A Typology of Players: Between Instinctive and Comtemplative". For more detailed information please refer to the the invitation


Workshop: Models and Explanations in Economics


On the occasion of this year's Boehm-Bawerk lecture by Ariel Rubinstein (June 10th, 2016, 17h in Kaiser Leopold Saal) there will be a workshop on "Models and Explanations in Economics" (program) organized by Philipp Wichardt (Rostock University) and Markus Walzl on June, 11th and 12th, 2016.

eeecon members who are interested to join the workshop are asked to send a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


eeecon @ Lange Nacht der Forschung


Thank you for visiting us at the Lange Nacht der Forschung last Friday! We prepared some experimental tasks on and off the computer where you could learn about your preferences and attitudes.


Spring Course on Evolutionary Game Theory with Christoph Kuzmics

After a successful start with an introduction to the field of Epistemic Game theory by Andrés Perea in 2015, we are happy to announce a sequel to the Innsbruck Spring Courses on Economic Theory. Christoph Kuzmics (University of Graz) will give a mini-course on Evolutionary Game Theory from April 26 to April 27, 2016.

plakat_evol_gt kuzmics

Replication study published in Science

A major replication study on laboratory experiments in economics that involved the 4 eeecon members Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Felix Holzmeister, and Michael Razen is now published in Science. Congratulations! 




Publication in Science Advances

We are proud to announce that the joint publication of eeecon member Esther Blanco together with Xavier Basurto (Duke University and guest researcher at the University of Innsbruck), Mateja Nenadovic (Duke University) and Björn Vollan (University of Marburg and former eeecon member) on "Integrating Simultaneous Pro-social and Anti-social Behavior into Theories of Collective Action" is now published in Science Advances and subject of various international press articles. 




Recent Publications

  • M. Geiger, W. Luhan and J. Scharler. "When do Fiscal Consolidations Lead to Consumption Booms? Lessons from a Laboratory Experiment", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (forthcoming). Link
  • L. Balafoutas, E. G. Dutcher, F. Lindner and D. Ryvkin. "The optimal allocation of prizes in tournaments of heterogeneous agents", Economic Inquiry (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • M. Bacher, J. Walde, C. Pecher, E. Tasser and U. Tappeiner. "Are interest groups different in the factors determining landscape preferences?", Landscape Online (forthcoming). Link
  • B. M. Zoderer, P. S. L. Stanghellini, E. Tasser, J. Walde, H. Wieser and U. Tappeiner. "Exploring socio-cultural values of ecosystem service categories in the Central Alps: the influence of socio-demographic factors and landscape type", Regional Environmental Change (forthcoming). Link

Recent Working Papers

  • A. Zeileis, C. Leitner and K. Hornik. "Predictive Bookmaker Consensus Model for the UEFA Euro 2016", 2016-15.[Online version]
  • M. Halla, H. Mayr, G. J. Pruckner and P. Garcia-Gomez. "Cutting Fertility? The Effect of Cesarean Deliveries on Subsequent Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply", 2016-14. [Online version]
  • W. Frimmel, M. Halla and R. Winter-Ebmer. "How Does Parental Divorce Affect Children's Long-term Outcomes?", 2016-13. [Online version]
  • M. Kirchler and S. Palan. "Immaterial and monetary gifts in economic transactions. Evidence from the field", 2016-12. [Online version]

Upcoming Research Seminars