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Recent Publications

  • F. Bucha, D. Müller, 2017. "Can a Common Currency Foster a Shared Social Identity across Different Nations? The Case of the Euro." European Economic Review. Link
  • B. Vollan, M. Pröpper, A. Landmann, L. Balafoutas, 2017. "Self-governance and punishment: An experimental study among Namibian forest users." Economic Development and Cultural Change. (forthcoming)
  • G. E. Fedreheim, E. Blanco, 2017. "Co-Management of protected Areas to alleviate conservation conflicts: Experiences in Norway." International Journal of the Commons. (forthcoming)
  • J. Rüdisser, E. Tasser, J. Walde, P. Huemer, K. Lechner, A. Ortner, U. Tappeiner, 2017. "Simplified and still meaningful: assessing butterfly habitat quality in grasslands with data collected by pupils." Journal of Insect Conservation. Link
  • R. Stauffer, G. J. Mayr, J. W. Messner, N. Umlauf, A. Zeileis, 2017. "Spatial-Temporal Precipitation Climagology Over Complex Terrain Using a Censored Additive Regression Model" International Journal of Climatology. Link 
  • R. Stracke, R. Kerschbamer, U. Sunde, 2017. "Coping with Complexity - Experimental Evidence for Narrow Bracketing in Strategic Interactions" European Economic Review. Link
  • M. Peters, J. Walde, J. Brustbauer, 2017. "The Influence of Cognitive Frames on Small Business Entrepreneurs' Perception of Risk Concepts" Journal of Management and Enterprise Development. (forthcoming)
  • X. Basurto, E. Blanco, M. Nenadovic, B. Vollan, 2017. "Marine Conservation as Complex Cooperative and Competitive Human Interactions" Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean Link
  • L. B. Fischer, M. Pfaffermayr. "The more the merrier? Migration and convergence among European regions" Regional Science and Urban Economics. Link
  • H. Hegen, M. Auer, G. Bsteh, F. Di Pauli, T. Plavina, J. Walde, F. Deisenhammer, T. Bergeret, 2017. "Stability and predictive value of anti-JCV antibody index in multiple sclerosis: A 6-year longitudinal study." PLoS ONE. Link  
  • M. Meier, D. Stoehr, J. Walde, E. Tasser, 2017. "Influence of ungulates on the vegetation composition and diversity of mixed deciduous and coniferous mountain forest in Austria", European Journal of Wildlife Research. Link
  • R. Stauffer, J. W. Messner, G. J. Mayr, N. Umlauf and A. Zeileis. "Ensemble Post-Processing of Daily Precipitation Sums over Complex Terrain Using Censored High-Resolution Standardized Anomalies", Monthly Weather Review. Link
  • M. Kirchler, D. Andersson, C. Bonn, M. Johannesson, E. Ø. Sørensen, M. Stefan, G. Tinghög, and D. Västfjäll, “The Effect of Fast and Slow Decisions on Financial Risk Taking”, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (forthcoming). 
  • B. Davis. "An experiment on behavior in social learning games with collective preferences", Economics Letters (forthcoming).
  • E. Blanco, T. Haller and J. M. Walker. "Externalities in appropriation: Responses to probabilistic losses", Experimental Economics (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter. "The economics of credence goods - A survey of recent lab and field experiments", CESifo Economic Studies (forthcoming).
  • F. Lindner and J. Rose. "No need for more time: Intertemporal allocation decisions under time pressure", Journal of Economic Psychology (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • L. Balafoutas and M. Sutter. "On the nature of guilt aversion: Insights from a new methodology in the dictator game", Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (forthcoming).
  • S. Angerer, G. Dutcher, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, M. Sutter. "Gender differences in discrimination emerge early in life: Evidence from primary school children in a bilingual city", Economics Letters (2017). Link
  • B. Davis. "Dispersion of female business students across MBA program rankings'', Economics Bulletin (2016). Link
  • M. Razen, J. Huber and M. Kirchler. "Cash Inflow and Trading Horizon in Asset Markets", European Economic Review (forthcoming). Working Paper Version
  • E. Mayer, S. Rüth and J. Scharler. "Total Factor Productivity and the Propagation of Shocks; Empirical Evidence and Implications for the Business Cycle", Journal of Macroeconommics (forthcoming). Link 
  • B. Raunig, J. Scharler and F. Sindermann. "Do Banks Lend Less in Uncertain Times?", Economica (forthcoming). Link 
  • L. Balafoutas, N. Nikiforakis, B. Rockenbach. "Altruistic punishment does not increase with the severity of norm violations in the field", Nature Communications (forthcoming). 
  • G. Tinghög, D. Andersson, C. Bonn, M. Johannesson, M. Kirchler, L. Koppel, D. Västfjäll. "Intuition and moral decision-taking - the effect of time pressure and cognitive load on moral judgment and altruistic behavior", Plos One (forthcoming). 
  • J. Verbesselt, N. Umlauf, M. Hirota, M. Holgrem, E. H. Van Nes, M. Herold, A. Zeileis, M. Scheffer. "Remotely Sensed Resilience of Tropical Forests", Nature Climate Change. Link
  • J. Cox, R. Kerschbamer, D. Neururer. "What is Trustworthiness and What Drives it?", Games and Economic Behavior. Link 
  • C. Kleiber, A. Zeileis. "Visualizing Count Data Regressions Using Rootograms", The American Statistician. Link 
  • A. Gantner, R. Kerschbamer. "Fairness and Efficiency in a Subjective Claims Problem", Journal of Econmic Behavior and Organization (forthcoming). Link 
  • H. Hofstetter, E. Dusseldorp, A. Zeileis, A. Schuller. "Modeling Caries Experience: Advantages of the Use of the Hurdle Model", Caries Research. Link
  • N. Flynn, C. Kah, R. Kerschbamer. "Vickrey Auction vs. BDM: Difference in Bidding Behavior and the Impact of Other-Regarding Motives", Journal of the Economic Science Association (forthcoming).
  • A. Gantner, K. Horn, R. Kerschbamer. "Fair and Efficient Division Through Unanimity Bargaining when Claims Are Subjective", Journal of Economic Psychology (forthcoming).
  • A. Garcia-Gallego, N. Georgantzis, T. Jaber-Lopez and G. Staffiero. "An experimental study on the effect of co-payment in public services", Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (forthcoming). Link
  • M. Halla, A. F. Wagner and J. Zweimüller. "Immigration and Voting for the Far Right", Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming).
  • H. Seibold, A. Zeileis and T. Hothorn. "Model-based recursive partitioning for subgroup analyses", International Journal of Biostatistics. Link

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