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Recent Working Papers

  • N. Umlauf, N. Klein and A. Zeileis. "BAMLSS: Bayesian Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape (and Beyond)", 2017-05. [Online version]
  • M. Halla, S. Pech and M. Zweimüller. "The effect of statutory sick-pay on workers' labor supply and subsequent health", 2017-04. [Online version]
  • F. Buscha, D. Müller and L. Page. "Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the Euro", 2017-03. [Online version]
  • D. Müller. "The anatomy of distributional preferences with group identity", 2017-02. [Online version]
  • W. Frimmel, M. Halla and J. Paetzold. "The intergenerational causal effect of tax evasion: Evidence from the commuter tax allowance in Austria", 2017-01. [Online version] 
  • A. Razen, S. Lang and J. Santer. "Estimation of Spatially Correlated Random Scaling Factors based on Markov Random Field Priors", 2016-33. [Online version] 
  • M. Köhler, N. Umlauf, A. Beyerlein, C. Winkler, A.-G. Ziegler and S. Greven. "Flexible Bayesian additive joint models with an application to type 1 diabetes research". [Online version] 
  • M. Dabernig, G. J. Mayr, J. W. Messner and A. Zeileis. "Simultaneous Ensemble Post-Processing for Multiple Lead Times with Standardized Anomalies", 2016-31. [Online version]
  • A. Razen and S. Lang. "Random Scaling Factors in Bayesian Distributional Regression Models with an Application to Real Estate Data", 2016-30. [Online version] 
  • G. Dutcher, D. Glätzle-Rützler and D. Ryvkin. "Don't hate the player, hate the game: Uncovering the foundations of cheating in contests", 2016-29. [Online version]
  • M. Gebetsberger, J. W. Messner, G. J. Mayr and A. Zeileis. "Tricks for improving non-homogeneous regression for probabilistic precipitation forecasts: Perfect predictions, heavy tails, and link functions", 2016-28. [Online version]
  • M. Razen and M. Stefan. "Greed: Taking a Deadly Sin to the Lab", 2016-27. [Online version]
  • F. Wickelmaier and A. Zeileis. "Using Recursive Partitioning to Account for Parameter Heterogeneity in Multinomial Processing Tree Models", 2016-26. [Online version]
  • M. Philipp, C. Strobl, J. de la Torre and A. Zeileis. "On the Estimation of Standard Errors in Cognitive Diagnosis Models", 2016-25. [Online version]
  • F. Lindner and J. Rose. "No need for more time: Intertemporal allocation decisions under time pressure", 2016-24. [Online version]
  • C. Eder and M. Halla. "The Long-lasting Shadow of the Allied Occupation of Austria on its Spatial Equilibrium", 2016-23. [Online version]
  • C. Eder. "Missing Men: World War II Casualties and Structural Change", 2016-22. [Online version]
  • R. Stauffer, J. W. Messner, G. J. Mayr, N. Umlauf and A. Zeileis. "Ensemble Post-Processing of Daily Precipitation Sums over Complex Terrain Using Censored High-Resolution Standardized Anomalies", 2016-21. [Online version]
  • C. Bannier, E. Feess, N. Packham and M. Walzl. "Incentive schemes, private information and the double-edged role of competition for agents", 2016-20. [Online version]
  • M. Geiger and R. Hule. "Correlation and coordination risk", 2016-19. [Online version]
  • Y. Engler, R. Kerschbamer and L. Page. "Why did he do that? Using counterfactuals to study the effect of intentions in extensive form games", 2016-18. [Online version]
  • Y. Engler, R. Kerschbamer and L. Page. "Guilt-averse or reciprocal? Looking at behavioural motivations in the trust game", 2016-17. [Online version]
  • E. Blanco, T. Haller and J. M. Walker. "Provision of public goods: Unconditional and conditional donations from outsiders", 2016-16. [Online version]
  • A. Zeileis, C. Leitner and K. Hornik. "Predictive Bookmaker Consensus Model for the UEFA Euro 2016", 2016-15.[Online version]
  • M. Halla, H. Mayr, G. J. Pruckner and P. Garcia-Gomez. "Cutting Fertility? The Effect of Cesarean Deliveries on Subsequent Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply", 2016-14. [Online version]
  • W. Frimmel, M. Halla and R. Winter-Ebmer. "How Does Parental Divorce Affect Children's Long-term Outcomes?", 2016-13. [Online version]
  • M. Kirchler and S. Palan. "Immaterial and monetary gifts in economic transactions. Evidence from the field", 2016-12. [Online version] 
  • M. Philipp, A. Zeileis and C. Strobl. "A Toolkit for Stability Assessment of Tree-Based Learners", 2016-11. [Online version]
  • L. Balafoutas, B. J. Davis and M. Sutter. "Affirmative action or just discrimination? A study on the endogenous emergence of quotas", 2016-10. [Online version] 
  • L. Balafoutas and H. Fornwagner. "The limits of guilt", 2016-09. [Online version]
  • M. Dabernig, G. J. Mayr, J. W. Messner and A. Zeileis. "Spatial Ensemble Post-Processing with Standardized Anomalies", 2016-08. [Online version]
  • R. Stauffer, J. W. Messner, G. J. Mayr, N. Umlauf and A. Zeileis. "Spatio-Temporal Precipitation Climatology over Complex Terrain Using a Censored Additive Regression Model", 2016-07. [Online version]
  • M. Razen, J. Huber and M. Kirchler. "Cash Inflow and Trading Horizon in Asset Markets", 2016-06. [Online version] 
  • T. Wang, C. Strobl, A. Zeileis and E. C. Merkle. "Score-Based Tests of Differential Item Functioning in the Two-Parameter Model", 2016-05. [Online version] 
  • J. W. Messner, G. J. Mayr and A. Zeileis. "Non-homogeneous boosting for predictor selection in ensemble post-processing", 2016-04. [Online version] 
  • D. Fehr and M. Sutter. "Gossip and the efficiency of interactions", 2016-03. [Online version] 
  • M. Kirchler, F. Lindner and U. Weitzel. "Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry", 2016-02. [Online version] 
  • S. Puntscher, J. Walde and G. Tappeiner. "Do methodical traps lead to wrong development strategies for welfare? A multilevel approach considering heterogeneity across industrialized and developing countries", 2016-01. [Online version] 

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