Tag: palettes

At the end of the rainbow


Fully saturated RGB rainbow colors are still widely used in scientific visualizations despite their widely-recognized disadvantages. A recent wild-caught example is presented, showing its limitations along with a better HCL-based alternative palette. Read more ›

Online color apps at hclwizard.org


The hclwizard.org web page has been relaunched, hosting three online color apps based on the HCL (Hue-Chroma-Luminance) color model: a palette constructor, a color vision deficiency emulator, and a color picker. Read more ›

colorspace: New tools for colors and palettes


A major update (version 1.4.0) of the R package colorspace has been released to CRAN, enhancing many of the package's capabilities, e.g., more refined palettes, named palettes, ggplot2 color scales, visualizations for assessing palettes, shiny and Tcl/Tk apps, color vision deficiency emulation, and much more. Read more ›