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Estimating the Trade and Welfare Effects of Brexit: A Panel Data Structural Gravity Model (with Harald Oberhofer), forthcoming in Canadian Journal of Economics, 2020.
Technical Appendix:

Constrained Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Structural Gravity Models, International Economics 161, 2020, pp. pp. 188--198.
Technical Appendix:
Pfaffermayr_Technical Appendix Gravity_constrained_PPML_IE_2019.pdf
Stata code: stata_cppml.do, stata_cppml_data.dta

Gravity Models, PPML Estimation and the Bias of the Robust Standard Errors, Applied Economic Letters 26(18), 2019, pp. 1467--1471.
Technical Appendix:

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Stata ado-file: HN.ado

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Matlab programs:
gendata; balanced panel: gspre_bal , gspre_mle_bal; unbalanced panel: gspre_unbal , gspre_mle_unbal.

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